by David Klugman

Always Look Back croppedaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…having been is the
surest kind of being.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaViktor Frankl

I want to finish this poem
the way you want to complete your life.

The river runs, the river has no mouth, it runs:

not the beating of the heart
or that pounding in the brain,
not the missing bag of dreams
that’s going down the drain.

The river has no mouth, it runs, it has no

but the beating of the blood
that pulses through the mind
and fills the empty sack
with what we leave behind.

David Klugman is a graduate of the Johns Hopkins Writing Program, and has been a practicing psychoanalyst for the past 25 years. He works in Nyack, NY, where he also lives with his wife and daughter.