Here, you will find archives of past issues of Empty Sink Publishing.

Issue 1: 

Published November 4, 2013


Walter Plotz — Angry Bear

Rafe Posey — A Newcomer’s Guide to the Dog Villages

George Dila — The Cello Player

Titus Green — Situation Room

Terry Davis — Merry and Joe, Part I

Editor’s Choice: James Hanna — Call Me Pomeroy


Amanda Forbes Silva — Branded


Justine Johnston Hemmestad — Exile

Leslie Bell — The Bottle

William Doreski — Two Poems

Mitchell Grabois — Time

Tim Suermondt — Two Poems


N. Piatkoski — Strange Fish

Naught and Barnes — Arizona Ocean

Baldasty — Snake

Davis — Three Images

Ruggles — Three Images

Dani Orchard — Two Sisters with Cat


Connor FitzGerald — “Freedom,” by Jeremy Griffith

E. Branden Hart — “The Ocean at the End of the Lane,” by Neil Gaiman

Issue 2:

Published December 4, 2013


F.X. James — blood in the dirt

Michael Christani — Tell it to the Lord

Dorianne Emmerton — The Sad Saga of the War Vet

Terry Davis — Merry and Joe, Part II

Editor’s Choice: Elizabeth Brown — Fugue


Moneta Goldsmith — The Least Cruel Method for Cooking Crabs


Glen Armstrong — A Brief History of the End

Drew Pisarra — Satan’s Brew

Kurt Newton — Hot Tub Abortion Clinic

Kurt Newton — Suicidal Stockbroker

Gene Goldfarb — The Wind and the Mountain


N. Piatkoski — Strange Fish — Issue 2

Savage — Five Images

Tamny — One Hundred + Twenty Four

Halak — Two Wrestlers

Issue 3:

Published January 6, 2014


Ron Morita — The Lawyer

Eric Nicholson — The Gift

Alysa Chesler — Third Ear

Moneta Goldsmith — Separate Tables; To the Reader it May Concern

Suanne Schafer — The Penis Problem


Eric Jansen — Race, Class and Society: A Philosophic Look at Inequality


Kurt Newton — Car Bomb Lovers

Kurt Newton — The Gun Show

Claire Scott — A New Cookbook

Claire Scott — Red Shift

Moneta Goldsmith — Hyena vs. Wildebeest

Editor’s Choice: Moneta Goldsmith — The Gates of Sleep

Moneta Goldsmith — To Asphyxiate, to Bind and Gag, to Blackmail, to Drug, to Prostitute, to Push to Suicide, to Rape, to Seduce, to Slander, to Spy Upon, to Stab, to Strangle, to Threaten with a Revolver


N. Piatkoski — Strange Fish, Issue 3

Ariel Emerald — Let Me In

Leigh Spong — Four Images

W. Jack Savage — Six Images

Issue 4:

Published February 6, 2014


Nikki Vogel — — in beginning

Ken Mootz — Grocery List

James Hanna — A Second, Less-Capable Head

Hannah McKinnon — Waiting

Editor’s Choice: Deborah A. Miller-Collins — The Straight Woman’s Guide to Feminism


Laura Close — The Email; It Is Pleasant and Imitates Illusion

Valentina Cano — Fourth Grade; 11/16/12; Lost Birthday

M.A. Schaffner — Ongoing Development; Lagomorph Circuit; In-Ground Ornamental Pool

C.S. Fuqua — Rattler; Weekly Call


N. Piatkoski — Strange Fish, Issue 4

Joel Seckleman — Four Images

Leigh Spong — Four Images

W. Jack Savage — Five Images

Issue 5:

Published March 10, 2014


Moneta Goldsmith — Dance Dance Evolution

Walter Plotz — Latchkey Kid

Cheska Lynn — Simon Says

Editor’s Choice: John Delacourt — The Actuary’s Alphabet


Greth Barredo — Concept

Christy Hall — Cushendun; Debris; We Drove Out to Anywhere; Bracken

Desiree Jung — The Science

Lee Slonimsky — Imprint; At the Art Museum; Laser Eyes on a Moon of Saturn; Recognition


N. Piatkoski — Strange Fish, Issue 5

Leigh Spong — Four Images

Issue 6:

Published April 7, 2014


Ian Brooks — Dawn of Cicada Time

James Hanna — Pomeroy and The Rights of Man

Jason Graff — Next Homecoming

Susan Beale — Poker

Editor’s Choice: Ewa Bronowicz — Luminita


Moneta Goldsmith — Interrobang

Reese Scott — Leslie’s Teeth

Richard Fein — Maiden Voyage

Richard Fein — A Change of Subway Seats

Drew Pisarra — Inappropriate Interview


Fabio Sassi — Scraps

Clinton Van Inman — Uptown Series

N. Piatkoski — Strange Fish, Issue 6

Editor’s ChoiceLance Copeland, Three Images

Issue 7

Published June 8, 2014


Montana Grae — Between Stops

Kristen Keckler — Collectors

Sarah Gignac — Savage Cut

Tony Kicinski — Shirt Tale


A Conversation with Jacob M. Appel

Bill Vernon — Where Dead People Live

M. M. Adjarian — What Abides


Eric Jensen — Awaken

Eric Jensen — Santa Barbara

Christopher Mulrooney — hymn to st cecilia

Christopher Mulrooney — on the boulevard

Christopher Mulrooney — fork in the road

Jennifer Lessey — Time Travelers

Vlodomyr Bilyk — Four Poems

Jena McLaurin — Voices


Lance Copeland — Three Pieces

Glenn Halak — Axiom

N. Piatkoski — Strange Fish, Issue 8

Editor’s Choice: Holly Day — Dusk Brings the Ninja

Issue 8

Originally published August 15, 2014

Published August 15, 2014


Mary Ann Cooper — Release

Karen Faris — The Release

Nels Hanson — The Man in Black

P.K. Lauren — The First Night

Reese Scott — Summer Afternoon


Ìgbékèléolúwa Sàláwù — A Voyage Around Lies

Nineteen Questions with L.T. Vargus, author of Casting Shadows Everywhere


Changming Yuan

Travis Laurence Naught

Peter Bracking

Jennifer Lagier

Howie Good

Christopher Dovoric


W. Jack Savage — Three Images

Jack Galmitz — Three Images

Clinton Van Inman — Three Images

Editor’s Choice: Strange Fish Issue 10, N. Piatkoski


Book Review: Casting Shadows Everywhere, by L.T. Vargus

Book Review: Half Way Home, by Hugh Howey

Issue 9

Originally Published October 5, 2014


Editor’s Choice: Confluence, by Brandon Madden

Teeth, by Sean Padraic McCarthy

Thoreau in a Phone Booth, by Caleb Sarvis

The Fifth Direction, by Sushant Supriye


Sister Moon, by M.M. Adjarian

Twenty Questions with Alysha Kaye


Claire Scott:

Colin James:

Doug Bolling:

Emily Strauss:

Joe Nicholas:

Gerard Sarnat:


Three Images by W. Jack Savage

The Prison of Forgotten Dreams, by David Klugman

Girl Walking Her Pinata, by Jim Pollock

Photography by Lis Anna-Langston

Book Review: The Waiting Room, by Alysha Kaye

Book Review: One Kick, by Chelsea Cain

Issue 10:

Published December 7, 2014


Editor’s Choice: Flightlessby Gena LeBlanc

He: A Collection, by Veronica Fitzhugh

The Exile, by Titus Green

Pomeroy and the New World Order, by James Hanna


Beans Squared, by Rick Bailey

Ambivalence, by Dana Norris

Twenty Questions with William Doreski

Twenty Questions with W. Jack Savage

An Interview with Larry G. Corey

An Interview with L.T. Vargus and Tim McBain


William Aarnes — Five Poems

Jacqueline Jules — Four Poems

Yvette A. Schnoeker-Shorb — Two Poems

Kevin Murphy — Four Poems

Brandy Ryan — once/was

Charles Rafferty — Working Toward a Definition of Luck

Larry Corey — Six Poems

William Doreski — Three Poems


Three Images by W. Jack Savage

Photography by Lis-Anna Langston

Three Images by Clinton Van Inman


Book Review: Fade to Black/Bled White, by L.T. Vargus and Tim McBain


Published February 9, 2015


Editor’s Choice: Brother’s Keeper, by Paul Allison

Hospital View, by Frank Diamond

Barter, by Sarah Kahn

Facebook Lies, by Deborah Miller-Collins

Mentorship, by Thaddeus Rutkowski


Finding My Memory, by Nick Boke

The Melding Tree, by Thomas N. Mannella III


Larry Corey — Five Poems

Brad Garber — Four Poems

Sushant Leena — The Translated Hindi Poems of Sushant Supriye

Domenic Scopa — Four Poems

Reese Scott — Two Poems


Wandering Light, Part 1, by Aaron Farrell

Squirm, by Janne Karlsson

Three Images by Leonard Kogan

Two Images by Clinton Van Inman

Three Images by Meeah Williams

Issue 12:

Published April 13, 2015


Editor’s Choice: Rachel Tanner — Slow Drivers

Lewis Beilman — The Trail

Barbara Harroun — Labor

Buell Hollister — Old Money

Max Orkis — Nothing Wrong

Denise Tolan — Six O’clock Mass


Elizabeth Rasch — Jung, Fetish, and the Artist: An Interview with Gottfried in Berlin


Patricia George — Three Poems

Channie Greenberg — His One Hundred Styles

Dah Helmer — Three Poems

Kurt Newton — Four Poems

David Ritchie — How Mr. O’Leary Slipped Into the Null

Natalya Sukhonos — Four Poems


Aaron Farrell — Wandering Light, Part 2

Leonard Kogan — Three Images

David Klugman — On the Other Side of Fear

Tobias D. Oggenfuss — Four Images

Nicholas Perry — Four Images

Francis Raven — The Eclipse of Art

Emily Story — Four Images


Book Review: Call Me Pomeroy, by James Hanna

Issue 13:

Published June 8, 2015


Allen X. Davis — The Pedestrian

Frank Diamond — Evil People Are People Who Love Evil

Sean Jackson — Half-Dead Saints

Suanne Schafer — The Conservation of Matter

Michael B. Tager — This is How You Forget

Editor’s Choice: Katrina Johnston — Exit Stage Left


Molly Chandler — Five Poems

C.S. Fuqua — Three Poems

Lucas Jacob — Two Poems

Travis Laurence Naught — Tattoo Until Death


Aaron James Farrell — Wandering Light, Part 3

Leonard Kogan — Three Images

David Klugman — The Two of Them

Rees Nielsen — Four Images

Nicholas Perry — Four Images

W. Jack Savage — Three Images

Issue 14

Originally published on August 23, 2015.


Kyle Beasinger — Rennie

Eleanor Lerman — The Lightship

John Parras — This is a Movie About Falling

Jocelyn Cullity — Another Love Story

Kendall Neubeiser — Imitate

Noah Milligan — The Deep Down Bone of Desire

Tom Vollman — Jimmy


Jennifer Lagier — Three Poems

Luke Normsy — Four Poems

David Anthony Sam — Two Poems

Shelby Thomas — Metal T

Carles O’Hay — Three Poems (Editor’s Choice)


Nicholas Perry — Three Images

David Klugman — Always Look Back

W. Jack Savage — Five Images

Clinton Van Inman — Three Images

Issue 15

Originally published on December 13, 2015.


John Skarl — Bleeding Wolfe

Peter Clarke — The Farewell Act is a Sideshow

Joseph Randazzo — Retail Suicide Death-Wish

James Hanna — Baby Boo Saves Christmas

Bart Van Goethem — Such a Wonderful Evening

Dan Corfield — Montmartre

Jesse Lynn Rucilez — Meal of a Lifetime

Guinotte Wise — Winchester Tattoo

Tessa A. Adams — Revolutions


Chad W. Lutz — Before the Light Dims

jjnotier — Study Hall

Briana Goins — What I Never Told You

Jennifer Mary G. — Goodbye Butterfly

James Hanna — Cracking Vials


L. G. Corey — Three Poems

Emma Kliethermes — Balance

Darren C. Demaree — Three Poems

James B. Nicola — Four Poems

Christy Hall — Three Poems

Anne Britting Oleson — Three Poems

Daniel Sundahl — Two Poems

Chelsea Kirk — Three Poems

Editor’s Choice: Taylor Allen — Version 1.1


W. Jack Savage — Six Images

David Klugman — Visiting a Sage

Bill Wolak — Unexpected Pleasure

Christopher Woods — Three Photographs

Sarah Kayss — Photographs

Adam Kluger — Four Images

Keith Landrum — Three Images

Jeff Musillo — Seven Images


Book Review: Canticle for Leibowitz, Haw, Dustlands, by Suanne Schafer

Book Review Update: Call Me Pomeroy, Second Edition

Quarterly Comic Corner, by E. Branden Hart

Issue 16

Originally published April 24, 2016


Pam Plumb — “A True History (Reality Version 1100101)”

Lewis Carter — “Departures”

L.J. Kelley — “Diana”

Orna Glick — “Dy(e)ing Purple”

Cheri Brackett — “Falling Leaves” (Editor’s Choice)

Jerry McGahan — “Patroit”


Matt Kramer — “Rail Talk”


Lakshmi Mitra — “Depression as Winterkill”

Fred Rosenblum — Two Poems

Amber Sydney-Woollett — “I Wonder”

John Grey — Two poems

Sandra Kolankiewicz — Three Poems


Allen Forrest — Three Images

Fabrice Poussin — Five Images

William Crawford — Seven Images


David Klugman — Chasm of Abuse


Sausalito Poems 1959-1961 by L.G. Corey and The Nineteen Steps between Us by Darren Demaree, reviewed by Kurt Newton

Red Demolition by Juliet Cook, reviewed by A.J. Huffman

December Boys by Joe Clifford, reviewed by Suanne Schafer

The Grace of the Gingko by Michael Hardesty, reviewed by Suanne Schafer

The Memory of Us by Camille di Maio, reviewed by Suanne Schafer

Quarterly Comics Corner — Spring 2016, by E. Branden Hart

Issue 17:

Originally published July 22, 2016.


Jack Buck — For Matthew; Somewhere in the Future You Are Remembering Today

Ian Johnson — Dear You

Paul de Marion — a strange and silent war

Max Orkis — Chewing the Cud

Lindsey Royce — Call Center; Watching her Neigh

Jennifer Sabin — We Have No Secrets

M.R. Tapia — Stella Reign

Giles Ward — Thaw


Christina Berchini — “School is what you Make of It” and Other Lies my Parents Told Me (Editor’s Choice)


Lana Bella — Timidity

Holly Day — Two Poems

Robert Earlywine — Come, Kind Reaper

William Keckler — Three Poems

Simon Perchik — Four Poems

Drew Pisarra — Chinese Roullette


W. Jack Savage — Four Images

Jean Wolff — Five Images

Richard Baldasty — Davey Hume, Surfer Dude

Maeve Roughton — Two Images

Michelle Dalton — Four Images


Music review: Eyelids, by Saint Jame — Reviewed by E. Branden Hart

Beyond the Blue, by Tim McBain and L.T. Vargus — Reviewed by E. Branden Hart

Issue 18

Published on December 18, 2016.


Kim Farleigh — Freedom

Paul Lewellan — Ms. Primrose’s Perfect Feet

Franco Strong — Sussurros de Recurrencia

Jesse Lynn Rucilez — Epicenter

James Hanna — Sam the Poontang Man

Lewis Carter — The Constant Crypt Guard: A Retrospective Epiphany in Three Parts

Darryl Graff — The Apartment


William C. Crawford — The 18 Minute Rule Throws Jimmy Pro For A Loop In Gotham City

Suanne Schafer — Interview with author Orna Glick

Adam Dubbin — Interview with artist Vakseen


Kurt Newton — Three Poems

James B. Nicola — Four Poems

Charlie O’Hay — Two Poems

William Doreski — Four Poems

John Grey — Three Poems


W. Jack Savage — Five Images

Clint Van Inman — The Other Clint

Michelle Dalton — Five Images

Vakseen — Six Images

Jim Pollock — Seven Images

James Devlin — Alternate Take Number Five