by Kurt Newton

We take the stigma out of that most
important decision you’ll ever have to make.

Our hot tubs are kept at a soothing, scintillating,
and totally effective one-hundred-and-four degrees.

It’s safe, it’s natural, and because all our hot tubs
are flushed and disinfected daily, it’s sanitary.

For a more intimate setting
unwind in our private grotto.

Full wet bar and other amenities available.
We take all major credit cards.

So relax, have fun, bring your friends,
because we believe in right to life — your life, that is.

Just think of it as a permanent vacation
from what might have been.

Kurt Newton has been writing poetry since the 5th grade when he passed around his first poem titled “Koala Bear Underwear” to unsuspecting classmates. Their laughter was all the positive reinforcement Kurt needed to continue down the road to poetic poverty. Kurt’s poetry and micro fiction can be found in recent issues of Vine Leaves, Leodegraunce, 1of25, brickplight, and Dance Macabre.