by Kurt Newton

His dreams are filled with falling indices,
digital streams racing toward zero,
spilling from electronic banners
like bulls stampeding over a waiting cliff.

When he wakes the nightmare follows,
each bell ring an impending death knell,
each stock tick a Satanic symbol
signaling financial Armageddon.

At his desk he quietly contemplates
the many forms of self destruction:
lust, gluttony, vanity, greed.
The windows never looked so inviting.

Kurt Newton has been writing poetry since the 5th grade when he passed around his first poem titled “Koala Bear Underwear” to unsuspecting classmates. Their laughter was all the positive reinforcement Kurt needed to continue down the road to poetic poverty. Kurt’s poetry and micro fiction can be found in recent issues of Vine Leaves, Leodegraunce, 1of25, brickplight, and Dance Macabre.