by Moneta Goldsmith

Ext. Dacha. A Russian Country Estate in Disrepair. Dusk.

It’s late. A dog is dead in the street.
aaaaShadows fuss about on the lawn.

Children tickle themselves and fall to the ground:
aaaainjury, puberty, or battle fatigue.

A man in his late twenties – seventies on a bad
aaaahair day – haggard/beleaguered/camouflaged
(any race, but preferably French)

would like to know if anyone has ever arranged instructions
aaaain alphabetical order for how to write poems.

Moneta Goldsmith is a writer, teacher, and the author of two ‘poetry’ chapbooks, including the forthcoming They Haven’t Invented a Pill for This Feeling Yet. His writings can be found in such magazines as Sparkle & Blink and Gorilla Troop, among others.