Deerskull womanNEWeditedSmall

Lance Copeland — I see you, my dear

Ramskull womanNEWedited2Small

Lance Copeland — Curious String

Cowskull manNEWeditedSmall

Lance Copeland — I can’t put my finger on it

Lance Copeland’s bio, in his own words: I have been an Army Translator, 3D Animator, Video Editor, Banjo Player, Bronze Sculptor, Oil Painter, Print Maker, Art Director and Lead Motion Designer at an agency for clients around the world. I have explored nearly every aspect of the creative process. I was influenced from a young age by my father, a teacher of Fine Art. I continued my formal artistic education at Southern Oregon University, but it was studying under master painter, Sergei Yatsenko, where I found my true voice: loud, free, and unconstrained. I’m continually learning from the Old Masters, chasing their techniques, divining their secrets. I’m nostalgic by nature and vintage photography is my muse, conjuring contemporary twists wrought from images of days and people long lost. With my imagination, I bring them back.