by Eric Jensen

Santa Barbara,
You pretentious bitch,
Inspire me!
I see your cliffs, and want to be.
So walk on down;
Lift your sculptured nose high;
Let yellow locks flow.
For beyond your front is why,
I can dig this fashion show.

Eric Jensen’s biography, in his own words: I am something of a vagabond. I lived in Arkansas as a military brat, and Italy as a young man in the US Air Force. Today, I’m a reservist, and work in behavioral health as a registered nurse in Greensboro, NC—my home away from home in Southern California. My lifestyle revolves around seeing as much of the world as possible, yet being present wherever I am. My goal is to further grow my personal and professional lives into a vocation which enables me to experience life at its fullest, while still broadening my current understanding of the human condition. My first publication: Race, Class and Society: A Philosophic Look at Inequality was released with Empty Sink Publishing’s second issue.