by Peter Bracking

the print is small
it is thin
suggesting paucity
an inability to create or sustain
rich fat images
to obfuscate
to feed the unsuspecting

the print is so very thin
making it a simple matter of balance
words on words and the weight
of the words
flexing to the edge of snap
thin print below and below
destabilizing ideas

finely, finally crushed
passing into sound
small thin print
articulated immediately eradicated
except small kernels

Peter Bracking tells tall tales. Earth point: Vancouver, Canada.

Other Appearances: Maisonneuve; Up the Staircase Quarterly;; Megaphone, Vancouver’s Street Magazine; Gallery Gachet; Ascent/Aspirations; Voices of the street (annual); street cake.

Future Features: Existere; FeatherTale Review, Megaphone.

Peter is the artistic director of Utter Stories.

The only occupation he regrets leaving is beach bum. He is rehearsing for retirement.

Self aggrandizement: