by Peter Bracking

no, that is it
life being no more
than can be held in a cupped hand
let the music suffice
serenade the quivering stars
that hold the sky in place

no, let them all
let every child
laugh and dance and sing
till there are only
quivering stars
and silence

Peter Bracking tells tall tales. Earth point: Vancouver, Canada.

Other Appearances: Maisonneuve; Up the Staircase Quarterly;; Megaphone, Vancouver’s Street Magazine; Gallery Gachet; Ascent/Aspirations; Voices of the street (annual); street cake.

Future Features: Existere; FeatherTale Review, Megaphone.

Peter is the artistic director of Utter Stories.

The only occupation he regrets leaving is beach bum. He is rehearsing for retirement.

Self aggrandizement: