As of today, the submissions deadline for issue one of Empty Sink Publishing has passed. All submissions received after this date will be considered for future issues of the magazine.

The good news is that we received an overwhelming number of submissions for issue one–so many that we already have great content lined up for issues two and three. So while submissions are still more than welcome, please understand that accepted works may be published several months after the initial acceptance.

The great news is that we have some incredible stuff lined up for the first issue. You’ll read fiction about disgruntled workers at a greeting card company and a homeless man with delusions of grandeur (huge delusions, if you get what I’m saying, nudge nudge, wink wink). You’ll read poetry about the one time Jesus took the basketball court and drained two hundred straight shots, as well as what happens when a discovery to rival the Dead Sea Scrolls shows up in a suburban backyard. And you’ll see some truly amazing visual art: watercolors, collages, and mixed media all have a place in the first issue. And finally, you’ll get to see the wonder that is “Strange Fish,” the new graphic novel from N. Piatkoski!

Come back on November 4th to see what we have in store. And keep the submissions coming! The talent we’ve seen is amazing, and we’re proud to be associated with all our contributors–and we can’t wait to introduce you to them.

–E. Branden Hart, Executive Editor