It’s official: Pomeroy has arrived. The man, the myth, and the legend you first met in Issue 1 of Empty Sink Publishing finally decided that our pages were not enough to contain him and got himself a book deal.

And I gotta say, I’m proud of Ol’ Pomeroy. I’ll never forget the first night I read a Pomeroy story—James Hanna’s brilliant prose and voice grabbed me from the first page. I’m also proud that Jim asked me to write an introduction for the book. To have my name associated with something he created is an honor, and I thank him for including me in Pomeroy’s journey.

Our Editor’s Choice for this month is the short story, Brother’s Keeper, by Paul Allison. This story enchanted me: the characters are so well fleshed-out, the situations so real. Mr. Allison is an excellent storyteller, and Brother’s Keeper is an excellent story that explores the depth and influence of family, and the struggle to find solace within it. It’s an excellent read, and we’re proud to have it in this issue.

As for the rest of this issue, I’m going to let it speak for itself. As we start our second year, I’m astounded by the quality of the material being submitted to us. But don’t take my word for it. Follow the links below for some of the freshest prose, poetry, and visual media today’s authors and artists have to offer.

—E. Branden Hart, Executive Editor, 2/8/2015



Paul Allison — “Brother’s Keeper” (Editor’s Choice)

Frank Diamond — “Hospital View”

Sarah Kahn — “Barter”

Deborah Miller-Collins — “Facebook Lies”

Thaddeus Rutkowski — “Mentorship”


Nicholas Boke — “Finding My Memory”

Thomas N. Mannella III — “The Melding Tree”


L.G. Corey — Five Poems

Brad Garber — Four Poems

Sushant Leena — The Translated Hindi Poems of Sushant Supriye

Domenic Scopa — Four Poems

Reese Scott — Two Poems


Aaron James Farrell — Wandering Light, Part 1

Leonard Kogan — Three Images

Clinton Van Inman — Two Images

Meeah Williams — Three Images