Welcome to the new and improved Empty Sink Publishing! We’ve been talking about doing a redesign for some time now, and we finally made it happen. We hope you enjoy the new look and find it even more accessible than the old site. Special thanks to Leigh Sims for granting us permission to use her photo in the header. Funny thing is, the name of that photo is actually “Empty Sink.” It was meant to be.

We’ve got some amazing fiction, poetry, and visual art for you this time. We also have an interview with artist Gottfried In Berlin, as well as a review of James Hanna’s new collection of Pomeroy stories, Call Me Pomeroy.

Our editor’s choice for this issue is one of my favorite stories that we’ve ever published. “Slow Drivers,” by Rachel Tanner, is one of the most gleefully psychotic things I’ve ever read—you’re going to love it. If Ms. Tanner continues developing her unique voice, we will no doubt see more of her in the future.

Enjoy the new look and do us a favor: if you notice any problems as you’re browsing the revised site, drop us a line. We tried hard to make sure nothing got broken in the transition, but you never know what kind of wonky things can happen. Otherwise, get reading!

—E. Branden Hart, Executive Editor, 4/12/2015



Lewis Beilman — “The Trail”

Barbara Harroun — “Labor”

Buell Hollister — “Old Money”

Max Orkis — “Nothing Wrong”

Denise Tolan — “Six O’Clock Mass”

Rachel Tanner — “Slow Drivers” (Editor’s Choice)


Elizabeth Rasch — Jung, Fetish, and the Artist: An Interview with Gottfried in Berlin


Patricia George — Three Poems

Channie Greenberg — “His One Hundred Styles”

Dah Helmer — Three Poems

Kurt Newton — Three Poems

David Ritchie — “How Mr. O’Leary Slipped Into the Null”

Natalya Sukhonos — Four Poems


Aaron Farrell — Wandering Light, Part 2

Leonard Kogan — Three Images

Tobias D. Oggenfuss — Four Images

Nicholas Perry — Four Images

Francis Raven — The Eclipse of Art

Emily Story — Four Images


David Klugman — On the Other Side of Fear


Call Me Pomeroy, a novel by James Hanna