Last month, we took you on a sweltering summer camping trip with “The Weebies.”

This month, we’re cooling things down with some frostier scenery.

In Spencer K. M. Brown‘s “The Sound of Trees,” our narrator, Ellis, toils in the cold of winter to take care of his ailing parents as he deals with his own internal struggles.

Having lost both his child and his wife (albeit in different ways) Ellis faces a somewhat hopeless world, which begs the question: what compels him to continue forward?

Find out in this month’s story, “The Sound of Trees,” by Spencer K. M. Brown.

Oh, and before you read “The Sound of Trees,” ask yourself these questions: if I walked out on the porch this morning and found a dead bird, would I bury it, or throw it in the garbage, and why? The answers may help you more completely understand both yourself and our narrator.

E. Branden Hart, Executive Editor, 7/1/2017